Where do Roof Rats Sleep?

Roof Rats are Most Active at Nighttime

Roof rats are nocturnal. This means they are asleep most of the day and are rather active at night. Roof rats sleep in their nests. A roof rat nest is made of cotton, twine, dental floss, insulation, padding, and other household items. This nest serves as a type of ‘home base’ and is usually where roof rats sleep. Roof rats build this nest in a location that they deem as safe. Usually this location is dirty, abandoned, and hard to reach. Roof rats are good climbers by nature so naturally, roof rat nests often appear in roofs, soffits, attics, rafters, tree tops, and other high up places alike.

Roof Rat Sleeping Patterns

Like most other animals, roof rats sleep for short periods of time. Then they check to make sure they are still safe and secure before returning to sleep. This wake/sleep cycle continues throughout most of the day. Roof rats are woken easily from sleep and get scared off easily. Just because roof rats are nocturnal, does not mean they are not active during the day. Often, roof rats can be seen during the day if the need for food or water is dire enough.

How to Catch a Roof Rat Day or Night

When trying to trap roof rats, it’s best to leave the trap somewhere along a path you know that they travel frequently. Then day or night, when they do travel their usual path, they will come to the trap. Some rats are especially suspicious of new objects, so give the rats a few days to get used to it if you notice you are not trapping any roof rats right away.