Roof Rat Facts.

Think you know all there is to know about roof rats? Fact check your knowledge here! You may just learn something new.   Roof rats have bad vision. So what do they use to navigate? Their fantastic sense of smell. Roof rats use their noses to help them see. The more smelly/fragrant a food is, […]

Arcadia neighborhood concerned over roof rats

    It is citrus time in Arizona; trees are full of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. But people need to make sure they pick the fruit or get ready for some unwanted visitors.   Roof rats, they’re back. Some residents in Arcadia fear this year could be made worse by a citrus quarantine.   […]

How long do Roof Rats live?

Roof rats may live a short life, but they certainly have an impact on the people whose homes and yard they infest.  Roof Rat Lifespan A typical roof rat lives about 1 year. A typical female roof rat is pregnant for less than a month (22 days) before giving birth to 6-8 rat pups. The […]

Where are they now? Roof Rats in Tempe, AZ

Contribute to the Map! For those of you who don’t know, this Arizona Roof Rats website has a map. This interactive map makes it possible for folks from all over the valley can contribute and let us know where they have seen roof rats in their area! If you haven’t already, check it out here. […]

You know you have roof rats, when you have roof rat poop

An Unwelcome Surprise One of the first unpleasant signs that notify you of roof rats in your home, is finding roof rat poop! This unwelcome surprise is sure to be unsettling. Roof rat droppings are not only disgusting, they are a major health concern. Always be careful when handling anything a roof rat or its […]

In Case You're Wondering— What do Roof Rats Look Like?

What does a roof rat look like? In many ways, roof rats look a lot like other rodents. Roof rats have a small furry body, a narrow snout, and rounded ears— similar to other rodents. Roof rats come in all kind of colors. They have been described as dark, black, brown, and grey. One thing […]

What are Roof Rats? Where do they come from?

  What are Roof Rats? Roof rats are house pests. They have dark brownish-blackish colored fur and hairless ears. Unlike other rodents, roof rats have a long hairless tail that spans the entire length of their body. Roof rats are found all over North America and are well off when living near people. They feed […]

Roof rat invasion in Phoenix comes with high price

  PHOENIX – Carole Jacobson is warning others about a pesky problem that’s now costing her big time. Back in October, Jacobson contacted ABC15 about roof rats in her central Phoenix home. A month later, exterminators have declared her home rat-free, but now she’s dealing with the aftermath. A contractor inspected her home and estimated cleanup […]

Roof Rat Traps that just plain work

It can be overwhelming when trying to decide which rat traps will be most effective. The truth is, there are pros and cons to each type. Check out our guide below to see which traps will work best for you.   Snap Traps Snap traps come in the classic wooden style, as well as a […]

Roof rats invading more Valley neighborhoods

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Rats are invading Valley neighborhoods in greater numbers and with more ferocity than usual. Critter experts said the cool, wet weather has been great for growing things that rats like to eat.  In central Phoenix, a roof rat even attacked a house cat. “I saw Summer come lay under the tree […]