Roof Rats in Arizona.
Together, we can prevent a valley-wide infestation.

Roof rats are infesting local areas like Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Avondale, and other cities around the valley. Read through our site to find out how you can detect, eliminate and control the rodent population in your home and community.

Arizona Homeowners Associations and Neighborhoods with Roof Rodents.

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A collaborative community effort of concerned Arizona homeowners and residents to control and get rid of Arizona Roof Rats.

How to Prevent Roof Rats

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Arizona Roof Rat

Is your neighborhood being affected? Find out here.

With the help of residents that have rodents in their area, we can prevent them from spreading across the valley.

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Roof Rats in Phoenix Arizona

All About Arizona Roof Rats

Where do roof rats live?

The key to getting rid of rodents is figuring out where they live and sealing up your home.

What do roof rats eat?

Getting rid of the their food source will give these pesky varmints no other choice but to leave.

How to get rid of roof rats?

It’s not hard to get rid of rodents and other critters in your home, you just actually have to do something about it.

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Traps & Products

Doing it yourself? The best products for DIY roof rat removal.

Trex Snap Traps

The TrapperĀ® T-Rex Rat Trap is a state-of-the-art mechanical trap that offers superior rat capture.
Trex Snap Traps

Basic Snap Traps

With over one billion sold, the Victor metal pedal rat trap is the go-to trap for home owners.
Basic Snap Traps

Electric Rat Traps

The Electronic Rat Trap will emit a 7000V shock when a rodent enters into the trap, instantly killing the rodent.
Electric Rat Traps

Enclosed Trap Station

Roof Rat enclosed bait stations eliminate rats fast, the locking bait station keeps children and pets safe.
Enclosed Traps